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Scottish Evening 2017

Scottish Evening at The Barn February 2017

Well our ninth Scottish Evening was a resounding success with our Scottish host Brian on fine form, The Ghillies excellent as ever with some Scottish songs old and new and dancers jigging and reeling round the floor with at times astounding accuracy.  Many of our audience had of course been before and knew the drill being well schooled by now in the dances on offer throughout the evening.  The refreshments again proved popular and the haggis encouraged cries of ‘more please’.  There was nothing ‘dreich’ about the celebration of all things Scottish and our piper did us proud as always and enjoyed toasting the haggis with a ‘wee dram’.  Roll on our tenth Scottish Evening!

The Gay Gordons – just getting warmed up.

The Pride of Erin – the one where you try not to trip over your own feet.


Edinburgh Rock – right hand to your partner!

Alistair the piper

Some of the band – Alistair, Tony and Gillie

Dave strums his stuff.








Toasting the haggis – he likes this bit!

Addressing the haggis

Piping in the haggis.












Popular as ever there seemed to be more bottles in the raffle this year. Hmm

Even a Laird needs to communicate it seems!



More dancing

The Ghillies

Whirling dancers

The Laird from the Isle of Aaron.

Demonstrating those dances was energetic to say the least…

Welcoming the haggis

The pie-eyed Piper – a deserved refreshment!